About me

  • ​I demonstrate how to increase the energy and balance into their lives.

  • I am a lifetime student, optimist, and an environmentalist. I’m a NYC native with a passion for seeing all parts of the world.

  • Music & Sports law sparked my passion for the world of contracts back in the day; the many hats worn from a legal secretary to a senior paralegal fed my fire.

  • In 2008, my story took a different direction after the 'financial crash'. It ended my financial/legal career along with my mother's loss to bone cancer.

  • I wore another hat and dedicated part of life to studying the science of Yoga and its power to heal and transform, allowing me to be a good listener in times of uncertainty.

  • And I am still more than these things. (a barista, customer service savant, flight attendant, girl's basketball coach and referee, spin instructor, archery, soccer fan). 


My Luminaries

  • I am also blessed to have learned the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2011 through Siri Sat Kaur in NYC, Harijiwan in LA and Gurmukh. These encounters crystallized my prior spiritual experiences and it has amplified by path of being a well-informed teacher dedicate strictly to help transform students instead of fitness.



I had been taking yoga classes for several years before I had my first class with Ernesto. Right from the start, I knew things were going to be different for me.

He did not take one look at my lack of flexibility and ignore me for the rest of class nor was he so busy doing the postures himself that he didn’t notice when I was doing something incorrectly.

Even when there are a lot of people in class, Ernesto helps everyone and makes each person in the room feel important. I like the fact that Ernesto mixes things up so his classes are different from one session to the next.

After taking Ernesto’s classes for several months, I decided my practice would benefit from some private sessions as well. Each time we meet, Ernesto comes up with creative ways to work on the issues that are most challenging for me. While I have been practicing yoga for years, after working with Ernesto, I am finally making some progress. Ernesto is a selfless teacher who encourages me to accept where I am on any given day and inspires me to reach for my potential. Our private sessions are an oasis of calm in my otherwise chaotic life. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to practice with Ernesto.

Beth Brimson (FL)

I first met Ernesto a little over two years ago. I have been practicing yoga off and on for almost ten years and have practiced in various places such as Paris, Milan, New York, Miami to Wellington, Florida.

From the moment I met him, I knew he was a very special teacher and made such a huge impact on me and my yoga practice. Each time I go to his class, a little light awakened inside of me and he instantly brightened my day.

When I first started practicing my body presented me with challenges. Ernesto has since helped me work through those challenges and he has helped me make a change in myself. Each class he is always teaching something different, mixing things up yet always resulting in an amazing therapeutic flow.

He has made such a huge impact in my body, mind, and spirit, and for that he will always stand out in my mind as one of the most amazing yoga instructors.

Crystal Smith (FL)

Ernesto is a wonderful teacher & I feel very lucky to have found him. I take his class about 2-3 times a week, and I love his teaching style. His classes are not only peaceful and meditative, but also a great workout. His combination of the best of various styles provides a very physically challenging class. He pays great attention to his students during class, making sure the poses are being done correctly. His adjustments have helped me take my practice to the next level, and I feel much stronger both physically and mentally. I love his classes and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in improving their yoga practice and really enjoying themselves in the process.

Maureen (NY)